We collect the raw data from your data sources, compile it into a web based easy to use, intuitive interface. Allowing you to grab valuable content within your business and understand whose doing or using what, how often, when, and what for. When you view this information through the dashboards, it’s providing you a business intelligence data engine that gives you a more manageable estate, so you can cut through these complex datasets to see where you can streamline for efficiency and cost savings.

So now that you have the information at your fingertips you can then develop a strategy around that with real-time accurate data. Then take that strategy, your Rimo3 data sets, and kick-off the project within our process management workflow suite, to achieve a desired outcome.

Our History

Rimo3 found its roots out of Global Application Specialists, Camwood, and is the second successful software company spun out into its own brand, bringing with it a wealth knowledge around process & real world issues managing estates, then creating great, easy-to-use software solutions to combat those. From some of the largest companies in the world to smaller businesses, Rimo3 helps you take back control and get your business moving faster than the information its generating.

Why use Rimo3?

While many organisations face different and unique challenges, there is one that almost everyone has in common, IT chaos. IT departments today are too busy focusing on next generation initiatives to often properly manage the layers and layers of projects throughout it. This creates gaps and roadblocks that handcuff business units to truly efficiently manage their tasks and/or people within them. So how can you change it? How can you make your business a smooth flowing machine, that gives CIO’s & managers a clearer image into the business, and better yet, how can you do it in a way that doesn’t sacrifice productivity?

Rimo3 understands this and we have built a secure suite of solutions to accommodate this. We make it easy for you to see the information you want, how and when you want it. You choose who has the ability to discover, mash up, visualise and present data in any way they’d like. By providing a set of targeted solutions, enterprises and partners are using Rimo3 to quickly build flexible systems with an interactive analytics portal, collecting and creating data sets allowing you to create a business processes to support a defined outcomes.

Our Team

The Rimo3 team combines deep experience and industry knowledge with the enthusiasm and ambition of a technology start-up.

Our management team have many years’ experience in overseeing large-scale application management projects, while our development team features some of the hottest talents in the European tech industry.

Together, we’re here to make IT teams’ lives easier, application estates simpler to manage, and organisations more efficient, more innovative and more profitable.

Mike Welling
Mike WellingCEO
Frank Foxall
Frank FoxallNon-Exec Director

Every minute of downtime costs you £4000 (Gartner)


Businesses encounter 87 hours of unplanned outage per annum (Gartner)


80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators (IT Process Institute)

Rimo3 will save at least:

30% of software cost
50% of operational spend
75% of operational downtime