So, you’re on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and you are considering an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 for your infrastructure.  Microsoft did it this way, endorse it and a number of Camwood’s customers are considering this.  You’ve also got GDPR on its way and Windows 10 is definitely the way to go!

As application intelligence, management and integration experts what do we think?

  1. It is the least disruptive approach for the users.
  2. It can be done as a Business as Usual activity as you are keeping all of your apps and data
  3. If you have a great desktop experience and you don’t need to change anything then go for it!  Make it self-service and fill your boots.

As anything… There’s a but…

  1. You’re still going to need to create a Windows 10 image and consider all of the core build principle you had before.  If you have a brand-new device, do you really want to build it with Windows 7 then patch it.
  2. Your application estate will not benefit from any rationalization of removing old vulnerable applications.
  3. You will still be paying for applications that you don’t need.

How can Camwood help?

  1. We’ll profile your applications either before or after you do your in-place upgrade.
    • We’ll tell you whether the application is used and exactly who uses it.
    • We will tell you what you use the application for and whether it is potentially going to be a security / vulnerability risk.
    • We’ll tell you what you could save in licensing and support.
    • ALL DATA HAS AN APPLICATION THAT PRODUCES IT…  can you really risk 4% of your global revenue as a GDPR fine based on an application providing an attack surface?
  2. Applications that you do not need, we will help you remove them without causing a problem for your laptop / desktop.
  3. We will create you a Windows 10 image and an inventory of applications that enables your applications to be as evergreen as your operating system.

Why wouldn’t you talk to us about this?