If you decide that Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade is for you

So, you’re on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and you are considering an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 for your infrastructure.  Microsoft did it this way, endorse it and a number of Camwood’s customers are considering this.  You’ve also got GDPR on its way and Windows 10 is definitely the way to go! As [...]

3rd April, 2017|

Windows 10 Adoption

It’s been a whole year since Windows 10 was released and the time for a free upgrade has come and gone. What are Camwood’s opinions on Windows 10 and the next steps for adoption? 1. Moved on from XP? If you’re on Windows 7/8/8.1, your apps will for the most part work. What we would [...]

26th February, 2017|

Automating the Data Centre – Camwood Workload Mobility

You’re considering how you implement Infrastructure As Code in your datacenter? How are you going to enable real automation into your datacenter, hybrid, dedicated private and public clouds? You need to glue together an incredible array of technologies where you want to simply be able to have workloads easy to Provision, Retire or Move from [...]

26th February, 2017|

ACTIV Release

Rimo3 Ltd, a leading provider of automated Application Life-Cycle management tools has announced the Launch of ACTIV (Automated Compatibility Testing with Instant Validation). ACTIV is an entirely automated tool that detects, identifies and tests automatically an organisation’s entire application estate without user intervention.