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Why Rimo3?

Named after one of the mountains in the Rimo massif, one of the world’s most inhospitable and challenging mountain ranges, Rimo3 combines the notions of a panoramic view of the application estate with a task that has previously been hard to achieve – obtaining & maintaining that view.

Rimo3’s ACTIV is a revolutionary application that takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of application compliance testing. ACTIV automatically identifies and tests all applications in the customers’ estate, in an environment that is designed to mimic how the applications are used by the end-users as much as possible. Leveraging automation and RPA technologies, ACTIV will automatically identify, discovery, install and test all applications in the estate, without required user intervention. This allows IT managers to focus on remediating the applications that are actually known to be incompatible, at a significant time and cost savings (over 50% of cost), and give IT managers and CIOs the confidence to deploy new versions of windows to their users. Customers can typically save 95% of their application testing time through the use of ACTIV.

Rimo3’s Evolution Product intended for intuitive application Work-Flow management, has proven itself incomparable at making bulk application migration, upgrades, and Sequencing easy and intuitive while reducing human error. Evolution makes it is easy for users to see the information they want, how and when they want it. By Providing fully customizable dashboards and reports, Enterprises and partners are using Evolution to quickly build flexible systems with an interactive analytics portal, collecting and creating data sets allowing users to create customized business processes.

Our Team

The Rimo3 team combines deep experience and industry knowledge with the enthusiasm and ambition of a technology start-up.

Our executive team have many years’ experience in overseeing large-scale application management projects, growing companies from start-up to international worldwide businesses, while our product team features some of the hottest talents in the European tech industry.

Together, we’re here to make IT teams’ lives easier, application estates simpler to manage, and organizations more efficient, more innovative and more profitable.

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Alon Moss

Chief Product Officer

Our History

Rimo3 is the latest cutting-edge software company to be spun out of 20-year Global Application Management specialist, Camwood.

Having originally introduced the world’s first automated compatibility testing software for MSI’s in 2007 and later selling that company to Citrix in 2011, we believe you’re in great hands with Rimo3 software.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make application Management easy and manageable through intelligent software and automation.

Rimo3’s software allows you to grab valuable content automatically within your business and understand who is doing or using what, how often, when, and what for. It also automates expensive and time-consuming everyday processes such as compliance testing and UAT (user acceptance testing).

When you view this information through the dashboards, Rimo3’s Software provides you with a business intelligence data engine that gives you a more manageable estate, so you can cut through these complex datasets to see where you can streamline for efficiency and cost savings.