What does Rimo3 do?

We help businesses modernize and manage applications for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Remove the complexity with modern application delivery and management for Windows Virtual Desktop and other VDI technologies (VMware Workspace ONE, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Amazon Workspaces, legacy VDI environments, etc) using the fully automated platform, we call, Rimo3 Cloud. It provides accurate, data-driven outcomes for improving your application suitability, transformation, and management, and much more.

Application Modernization Platform

Take full advantage of the Microsoft native technology stack with modern applications.

Windows Virtual Desktop gives you access to Microsoft’s native technology stack:

  1. Multi-session support for Windows 10
  2. Containerization and portability of user-profiles
  3. Containerization and portability of applications with MSIX App Attach

Windows Virtual Desktop will provide an end-user compute experience for customers unlike anyone else in the market. But first, customers must modernize their applications to move there.

Rimo3 has the technology to simplify the modernization process.

  • Rimo3 Cloud for WVD

    Modernize Windows applications to MSIX and manage effective deployment to Windows Virtual Desktop with a fully automated solution.

  • Rimo3 Cloud for Partners

    Build successful application modernization practices for Windows Virtual Desktop by integrating with the most efficient MSIX transformation platform on the market.

Leadership Team

Our people are here to help businesses get ready for modern application delivery and management.

Our innovation comes from our community of partners, customers, and suppliers. It's been 20 years in the making with our background in application experience and transformation.

  • Mike Welling

    President & CEO

  • Samit Halvadia​

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)​

  • Eric Serno

    Vice President Business Development

  • Eddie Powell

    Vice President Global Alliances

  • Alon Moss

    Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)​

  • Tarkan Koçoglu

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Neil Reynolds​

    Head of Finance

  • Frank Foxall​

    Non-Exec Director​

  • Lance Lazarus

    Non-Exec Director​

  • Steve Matthews

    Non-Exec Director​

Our Story

  • Let’s start at the very beginning.

    Spotting an early need in the market for a better way of managing large scale application estates through the then introduction of MSI our CEO, Mike Welling founded Camwood. Fast forward a few years later, having recognized a gap in the market for application management, the team launch App-DNA - the world’s first compatibility software with a game-changing approach to managing application deployments using early machine learning techniques. Citrix acquires App-DNA to strengthen the application management side of its virtual desktop offering.

  • Back to the drawing board.

    Key members who spearheaded App-DNA join back together to champion the market with a new intelligent automation platform focused on application behavior experience. Rimo3 launches its Application Modernization Platform to help businesses migrate, modernize, and manage applications faster and secures investment to continue global expansion.

  • Here we come!

    To help businesses get ready, migrate, and manage Windows Virtual Desktop, Rimo3 has joined the Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop value-add partner program and Microsoft MSIX TAP Program. The platform is a proven integration solution, with Rimo3 Cloud able to understand and test any application workloads regardless of how the business delivers applications to end-users (Windows Virtual Desktop, VMware Workspace ONE, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Amazon Workspaces, legacy VDI environments, etc). Together with partners and customers, we are building the technology to embrace change and continuously innovate.

Our Story