Our qualified and experienced people are here to help businesses get ready for modern application delivery and management.

We believe innovation is the key to our success and it comes from our community of partners, customers, suppliers, and investors.

It has been 20 years in the making with our background in application experience and transformation.

Leadership Team

  • Rimo3 Leadership - Mike Welling

    Find out more about Mike

    Mike Welling

    President & CEO
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Samit Halvadia

    Find out more about Samit

    Samit Halvadia​

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Andy Tynes

    Find out more about Andy

    Andy Tynes

    Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Eric Serno

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    Eric Serno

    Vice President Business Development
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Eddie Powell

    Find out more about Eddie

    Eddie Powell

    Vice President Global Alliances
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Neil Reynolds

    Find out more about Neil

    Neil Reynolds

    Head of Finance
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Jeff Pitsch

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    Jeff Pitsch

    Field CTO & Product advocate
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Josh Travers

    Find out more about Josh

    Josh Travers

    Sr Director WW Customer Success

At Rimo3, we take great pride in our company and care deeply for our investors.


  • Rimo3 Leadership - Frank Foxall

    Frank Foxall​

    Non-Exec Director​
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Lance Lazarus

    Lance Lazarus

    Non-Exec Director​
  • Rimo3 Leadership - Steve Matthews

    Steve Matthews

    Non-Exec Director
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