July 22, 2021

Camwood, one of the leading enterprise IT specialists in the UK offering a broad range of services around application services, modern workplace, and intelligent automation, announced their partnership (official Camwood press release) with Rimo3 to drive Azure Virtual Desktop offerings into the European market.

The partnership with Camwood is a logical fit for Rimo3 as Camwood brings decades of application migration experience that is crucial to any application and desktop modernization projects for organizations as part of their digital transformation efforts. As a Rimo3 certified partner, Camwood will deliver the Rimo3 software platform alongside with their services for a holistic and complete solution for their customers and partners.

We’re extremely excited to officially partner with the Rimo3 team. We believe their software solution is solving a problem many of our customers experience and we're confident that our application expertise will deliver a huge value add to their customers across the globe.

Chris Porter, CEO of Camwood

This new partnership will extend both companies global reach covering the European market and the U.S. market enabling a wider pool of potential customers considering to commence their Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 Cloud PC journey.

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