Testing teams are about to experience the next generation of delivery. This week we launch Rimo3 v2.0, and I am particularly excited about our future with new features that form part of our next generation informed application delivery. It looks something like this:

Testing teams succeed because they can understand the complete application experience and deliver the right application to the correct user and platform.

Testing teams are critical to all enterprises because no matter how frequently you deploy a change, there is always a more updated version. Organizations must support their Windows-as-a-Service operating model and the release cycle for monthly updates for Windows 10 with an agile solution.

Testing teams require support from the business. Keeping up with continuous change demands resources, budget, compliance, an understanding of user needs, testing time, and more. Teams need to be detailed and accountable. To face application issues after the install costs the business and their users – even customers – significantly.

Testing teams’ trust intelligence. Intelligent solutions to enable greater visibility, integration, and guidance prior to deploying an update. To test applications at scale across multiple operating environments with fast results to understand if the application will install, work, and if it will work well.

Over the last few months, we have been beta testing our performance module with customers and partners. Having built upon our existing application testing capability by providing insight into the final tenant of the application experience – performance and the missing piece to the puzzle – I could not be more confident of our conviction around this addition to our testing platform. It has led us to some exciting new opportunities for enabling teams to have/or manage an amazing experience with VDI and Windows 10 continuously:

#1 Testing teams now gain a complete view of impact across all work-spaces pre-deployment

Performance not only allows us to check all the necessary indicators of an application’s performance on a particular build but produces some very interesting data in helping when planning new application workloads for VDI environments.

#2 Testing teams can retrieve results within hours and deploy updates without impacting users

By also adding our automated patching feature, users can assess the impact of deploying any cumulative update – in context to physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspace – to address security vulnerabilities, compliance, and governance standards with very low effort – pretty smart stuff eh!! But wait, there’s more.

#3 Testing teams can integrate systems/data for faster application decision making and extended reporting capabilities

By adding our open API framework, Rimo3 can now produce BI reporting with thousands of data points that go way beyond in helping adoption and sets the playing field for our next generation of Rimo3. It is what we’re calling “Enterprise Fit for Use”. More on this to come in my next piece.

Want to try Rimo3 for yourself?