Rimo3 integration with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop will enhance user experience, reduce costly migration mistakes, and address security and compliance requirements. 

June 24, 2020: Rimo3 today is now supporting an enhanced application testing experience to help customers meet the evolving needs of their business and Azure migration readiness of application workloads.   

Rimo3 has joined Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop Partner Program as a partner for pre-deployment  automated application experience testing for Windows Virtual Desktop running on Azure. 

Rimo3 will continue to build upon its new performance capability and informed application delivery approach to complete the loop for application lifecycle testing. 

In a world where organizations are shifting their mindsets to deal with continuous change, we want to help IT stop coping with change and start embracing it.

– Samit Halvadia, CTO at Rimo3.

By closing the testing loop, we’re bringing together all three application testing fundamentals (compatibility, performance, and functionality) in one, scalable platform. We aim to help users enhance their Windows Virtual Desktop experience by accelerating onboarding and deployment and ongoing management.

Through this integration, Rimo3 will enable its customers to gain more visibility into application compatibility, performance, and functionality pre-deployment – leveraging automated testing at scale to streamline the Azure migration process.  

Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop as they turn to remote work environments, said Kam VedBrat, General Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft.

With solutions like Rimo3’s automation platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions.

This will reduce customer onboarding times, help avoid costly migration mistakes, including downtime and lost user productivity, and address security and compliance requirements. 

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