Dreams can come true!

March, 2020

Now more than ever, every business is working towards and supporting a remote workforce for their people, while driving customer success and keeping the lights on.    

Every business *dreams* of keeping their infrastructure, services, operating system, and business-critical applications automatically up to date and refreshed, so that they are safe in the knowledge that they have the latest release or feature resulting in minimal disruption to the business.    

*dreams* can come true. We’ve just seen a global market shift in digital transformation from nice (to have) to need (to have).    

This “Evergreen IT” or “As-a-Service” model is what every organization is now striving towards the new normal – where legacy, ‘big bang’ IT migrations are replaced by quick, scalable, and straightforward upgrades.     

Sounds great! Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.    

Take Microsoft’s introduction of their Windows 10 service-based platform, with multiple and mandatory regular updates. While the benefits are clear, the reality is more complicated.    

Enterprises must look to technology-driven innovation to help them implement a very different migration strategy – one that impacts on all aspects of technology, staff management, training, endpoint updates and application delivery, as well as cultural and budgetary dependency.    

Automating your IT processes can help, as one piece of the solution to migrating successfully and building an ongoing operating model for the Evergreen/WaaS environment.   

Let’s take applications – every business has them, uses them, and understands their criticality to keep things running. Modernizing to the latest version of Windows desktop or Server requires testing of these business-critical applications to ensure that they will work in their new operating environment. A challenge, to put it mildly, if this is done manually and without using technology-driven innovation, such as automation.      

At Rimo3, we understand this challenge and have built a platform to help IT teams solve this problem. It leverages leading application management practices such as automated compatibility testing or performance monitoring and delivers context-aware automation around the application and operating environment testing.    

It’s a means to an end of “hard to get” manual resources, deployment rings, or the fix on fail methodology, and in the era of technology-driven innovation, drives real digital transformation.  

It’s your opportunity to help users in your organization work faster and smarter with limited budget and resources.   

Stop dreaming. Now is the time to implement a new normal.    

Need help uncovering what your ‘new normal’ looks like? Please let us know at sales@rimo3.com

Rimo3 uses automation to help you discover and test your apps at scale, fix before fail, and deploy with confidence so you can accelerate productivity for everyone. Learn more about our solutions by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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