Global Trends & Microclimates & Climate Change & Appcompat

December, 2019

Walking to the train station this morning, I carefully negotiated myself along a heavily frosted downhill path until I reach the cut through, that takes me to the main road. Luckily, this typically remains frost free and is immune to all but the heaviest snowfalls.

The microclimate of this short path is much like an organization’s build. They are:
1. All part of something bigger
2. Made up of the same constituent components, and the same external forces batter them
3. Even close to each other, they react differently.

Just as the frost quite abruptly stops at the entrance to the cut-through (enclosed on one side by a wall and a hedgerow on the other), so too will external factors impact, or not impact, any given organization’s environment.

You wouldn’t watch the weather report for LA when planning a trip to New York, even though they’re both large coastal cities on the same continent and in the same country.

So, why would you rely on application compatibility information that happens to come from the same release of Windows but is likely running on different hardware, with different drivers installed, and various policies applied?

Equally, let’s take it one step further and look at the effects of climate change. We see weather events that are seemingly unrelated to the idea of things getting warmer and realize that, because of the uniqueness of any given microclimate, it is possible to buck a global trend.

It may be that because of an issue widely noted in a release of Windows, you decide not to adopt that release.
But what if your unique set of circumstances inherently meant the problem wouldn’t impact you?
How would you know this without testing all your applications?
How beneficial would it be to see that you aren’t affected by the issue, or any other as yet unidentified issues for that matter, meaning you could adopt the release without having to wait for a fix?

The ability to assess the impact of change new and emerging technologies have on your application environment is just one of the many powerful capabilities intelligent automation has to offer.

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