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Ensure applications work on Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS

You have lots of applications to test and deploy. We have the platform to enable you to automate the process. Ensure applications will work in your operating system at any stage of your migration from Windows 7 to any flavor of Windows 10 with Rimo3. 

  • All aspects of testing the new build, applications, and physical, virtual and cloud-based workspace are interlinked. 
  • Rapidly test and retest all changes across your transformation program and ensure fix before fail outcomes. 
  • Leverage automation, application compatibility, performance, and functionality knowledge to get the right application to the right user. 

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Adopt and optimize the new normal – Microsoft’s agile continuous deployment model

No matter how frequently you deploy a change, there is always a more updated version on the way. Rimo3 utilizes a repeatable automated framework to discover, test, and assess the impact of change regularly with minimal manual effort. Support your ‘Windows-as-a-Service’ operating model and the release cycle for monthly updates for Windows 10 with an agile solution.  

  • Understand the impact of any change (OS feature update, cumulative update, security update, GPO changes etc.) on your applications across your physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces.  
  • Empower IT with the capability to continuously manage change to maintain a stable, high performing application portfolio.  
  • Work smarter, not harder – leverage automation to be secure, compliant, and minimize time to value. It is as simple as “click and leave.”  

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Understand the impact of cumulative updates and fix before fail

Say goodbye to the extremes: manual 45-day patch release cycles or your “spray and pray” tactic. Assess the impact of deploying any cumulative update (in context) to address security vulnerabilities, compliance, and governance standards with minimal effort.  

  • Work smarter, not harder – leverage automation test applications at scale for outcomes today. It is as simple as “click and leave.”  
  • Native integration with WSUS ensures access to the latest cumulative update and KB’s.  
  • Empower IT with the compatibility, performance, and functionality testing capabilities to understand the updates and manage a stable, high performing application portfolio.  

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Adopt new hardware faster with less downtime

Hardware comes in all shapes, sizes, and often in bulk. Test application compatibility, performance, and functionality on one easy to use, scalable, automated platform so you can understand the impact of adopting new hardware and ensure a smoother rollout with less downtime!  

  • Automate new build tests to run and rerun as it evolves against new hardware.   
  • Test all applications against a physical instance of the build for new hardware to rapidly identify and remediate issues that result from changes to the build.  
  • Validate applications on the hardware itself. Issues specific to the combination of an application on the build for the new hardware will now be flagged.  

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Enhance your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment and management

You have applications. Lots of applications. Rimo3 enhances your Windows Virtual Desktop experience by improving deployment and ongoing management. Rimo3 is an integration partner for Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop.

  • Onboard applications and test them in their target Windows Virtual Desktop deployment workspace quickly and painlessly.  
  • Proactively understand the impact of change as your organization rolls out new applications and updates.  
  • Leverage Rimo3 Intelligent Smoke Testing™ capability and automate functionality testing. All without bothering the user.  

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See how Rimo3 can help you adopt technology faster.

See how Rimo3 can help
you adopt technology faster.

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