Platform Update: 2.0 Release Notes with Performance

June, 2020

Rimo3’s 2.0 release delivers extended innovations across the entire ACTIV Enterprise platform with performance features and more. We are now supporting an enhanced application testing experience enabling greater visibility, integration, and guidance prior to deploying an update.  

Release Overview: Rimo3 ACTIV 2.0 

Rimo3 builds upon its existing application testing capability by providing insight into the final tenant of the application experience – performance.By now understanding all three tenants of application testing – compatibility, performance, and functionality – we can apply our intelligence to start making decisions to ensure that the right application is being delivered to the correct user, platform, and compute for a great experience. Welcome to the era of informed application delivery! 

The Driving Engine: Rimo3 Intelligent Smoke Test™  

The driving engine behind understanding the complete application experience is our automated Intelligent Smoke Test. Designed around the principle that, to test applications at scale across multiple operating environments, it must be smart and completely unattended. And with fast results, you can achieve the optimal experience for your user without any impact.  Rimo3 guides you on whether the application will install, work and if it will work well by determining the binary results (yes/no) on the tenants of compatibility and functionality, and providing insight around the application step performance during the execution of the application. Test thousands of applications across multiple physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces with no impact to the users – all in the context of the configurations of your desired environment.

  • Application Performance Step Insight: Complete View of Impact Across All Workspaces  Pre-deployment For Informed Decisions Based On user Needs. Understand if an application will work in a more modern physical, virtual, and cloud-based environment with guidance on managing continuous change. Rimo3 leverages automation to capture metrics such as CPU, memory, disk, network, and GPU. You can drive the process, productivity and consistency to assess the impact on your application performance before deployment. Obtain a complete picture of whether the user can use the application the way they want to, and answer the fundamental question – should I deliver the application on the new platform? 
  • Cumulative Updates: Retrieve Results Within Hours, Fix before Fail, and Deploy Updates Without Impacting Users. Say goodbye to the extremes: manual 45-day patch release cycles or your test-free, fingers crossed “spray and pray” tactic. Assess the impact of deploying any cumulative update – in context to your physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspace – to address security vulnerabilities, compliance, and governance standards with minimal effort. Native integration with Microsoft ensures access to the latest cumulative update and KB’s.  
  • Public API: Systems and Data Integration for Faster Application Decision Making and Extended Reporting Capabilities. Leverage Rimo3 application knowledge with your business intelligence platforms and guidelines to simplify how you integrate application test results with any third-party system or product. Bring data from inside the Rimo3 platform into your management and migration tools such as ServiceNow, Tableau, Splunk, Excel, Migration Studio – and more – to make informed decisions faster.
  • Watch 2.0 Release Demo Video. Samit Halvadia, CTO Rimo3 explains the benefits of the 2.0 release >


Launching Soon: Informed Application Delivery 

Rimo3 is educating, evolving, and retooling existing services and processes to make the shift from “coping with change” to “embracing change”. Leveraging the Intelligent Smoke Test, the customer can initiate the automated application experience testing across all desired internal builds and have a clear view on the impact of that change prior to deployment.

Hear from Mike Welling, CEO Rimo3 explain what the next generation of application delivery looks like for testing teams and how it will improve their VDI and Windows 10 experience >

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Watch Samit Halvadia, CTO Rimo3 demo the recipe for pre-deployment testing success >

CTO Samit Halvadia Only Needs 3 Ingredients For Application Testing




Rimo3 is an easy to use, scalable, automated application testing platform. It includes capabilities for all three application testing fundamentals: compatibility, performance, and functionality. It allows organizations, leaders, and teams to improve business continuity, adopt change faster, and optimize user experience. Discover, test, fix before fail, and deploy change within your applications faster across your Windows-as-a-Service operating model and physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces today.Get a call back from our sales team today to find out more >

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