July 28, 2018

Rimo3 Launches Automatic Windows Compatibility Suite to tackle the WaaS Challenge

London, United Kingdom

Rimo3 Ltd, a leading provider of automated Application Life-Cycle management software has announced the Launch of ACTIV (Automated Compatibility Testing with Instant Validation). ACTIV is an entirely automated Software suite that detects, identifies and tests automatically an organisation’s entire application estate without user intervention.

Mr. Adrian Foxall, CEO, said: “Since the Launch of Windows 10, large enterprises have faced the challenge of dealing with WaaS (Windows-as-a-Service) policy, which stipulates 2 feature releases a year, and allows skipping no more than 2 such releases. This has placed large organisations in a difficult position: Either carry out expensive and time-consuming manual testing across the entire application estate, or deploy immediately, and risk service outage. It is not surprising that penetration rate of windows 10 is only at 40% two years after launch”

“ACTIV offers an alternative: By automatically identifying and testing all applications in the customers estate, IT managers can focus on remediating the applications that are actually known to be incompatible, at a significant time and cost savings (over 50%), and give IT managers and CIOs the confidence to deploy new versions of windows to their users”.

ACTIV is currently available for trials