Application Modernization

Take full advantage of the Microsoft native technology stack with modern applications.

No matter your business size or level of IT services maturity, Windows Virtual Desktop gives you access to Microsoft’s native technology stack.

  1. Multi-session support for Windows 10
  2. Containerization and portability of user-profiles
  3. Containerization and portability of applications with MSIX App Attach

Windows Virtual Desktop will provide an end-user compute experience for their customers, unlike anyone else in the market. But first, customers must modernize their applications, and Rimo3 has the technology to simplify the process.

Assess Applications

Remove the manual component of modern application suitability.

Assess the candidates suitable for moving application workloads to new operating environments with the option to modernize to updated formats with Rimo3 Cloud. Save time by automatically scanning your portfolio to determine which applications are suitable candidates for migration.


    Gain total compatibility, performance, and functionality visibility and be guided on whether an application will work across physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces.


    Tailor your delivery approach to your desired physical, virtual, or cloud-based workspace with contextually relevant application testing to ensure accurate data-driven results. Deploy with confidence.


    Migrating existing application workloads? Onboarding new application workloads? Exploring new delivery models? Map the journey that is right for you. Assess applications suitable for your desired target platform regardless of your prefered delivery methodology in minutes.


    Rimo3 guides you on whether the application will install, work and if it will work well by determining the binary results (yes/no) on the tenants of compatibility, performance, and functionality. Don’t waste time doing it manually.

Migrate Applications

Ensure applications will work on your desired OS and migrate without risk.

Plan, test, and migrate to a new operating system with automation and intelligent testing. Understand the application experience (compatibility, performance, and functionality) quickly and at scale by leveraging automation to maximize your end-user experience and optimize your VDI environment.


    Deliver contextually relevant application and operating environment testing to identify any potential failures and remediations paths prior to deployment. Built for extensive scale testing, Rimo3 Cloud leverages automation to reduce the efforts significantly.


    What applications are Windows 10 multi-session friendly? Or how many users can access the same application on Windows Virtual Desktop before performance is impacted? Gain a complete view of application performance impact pre-deployment.


    Rimo3 Cloud integrates with any VMware Horizon or Workspace ONE environment to help teams make data-driven decisions to ensure that the right application is being delivered to the correct user, platform, and compute for a great experience.


    Deliver applications via XenDesktop or XenApp. Rimo3 Cloud provides teams with the data necessary to ensure that they can adopt new versions of technology quicker and that the applications are being delivered on the right platform to the right users.

Modernize Applications

Smoothly transition through your MSIX transformation. Automatically test, convert, and test again in minutes.

Remove the complexity in modernizing applications for painless and quick onboarding to Windows Virtual Desktop. Use intelligent testing to understand the package pre-conversion, convert the application, test the MSIX package post-conversion – if it fails, apply automated remediations. Rimo3 achieves nearly double success rate against other traditional tooling, including Microsoft’s own conversion tool.


    Automate the entire process and uncover which applications will run on a modern version of Windows leveraging Rimo3’s intelligent testing.


    Create application workloads for cloud-adoption and management with a push of a button. Leverage automated remediation (fixes in code) to minimize time to value.


    Automatically convert applications that have been discovered, tested pre-conversion, and determined to be suitable candidates for conversion. Minimize the manual effort associated with tedious tasks and manual troubleshooting/error tracing.


    Take your newly converted MSIX packages for a spin. Rimo3’s intelligent testing will guide you on whether the application will run in your desired workspace prior to deployment.

Manage Applications

No matter the environment, Rimo3 Cloud will help you manage change.

Deploy fully tested quality packages with complete confidence. Then post-deployment, continually test your applications against monthly Cumulative Updates and newer Windows versions, as they are released, in your VDI environment - Windows Virtual Desktop, VMware Workspace ONE, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Amazon Workspaces, etc.


    Deploy fully tested quality packages ready for any physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspace.


    Reduce risk with the agility to support your WaaS OS and the release cycle for monthly updates for Windows 10 with an agile solution. Manage a stable, high performing modern application experience for your VDI environment.


    Get more done with automation and know what will happen before you push the button. Run application tests 24/7/365 and be guided on its performance, compatibility, and functionality, at scale across any workspace.


    Embrace flexible work models to get the right people in the right roles to unlock innovation and move your business forward. Rimo3 Cloud enables IT teams to manage change from anywhere and keep up with the accelerating demand for DaaS-like solutions.


No matter the environment, Rimo3 Cloud will ensure an optimal applications experience.

Applications are the lifeblood to any business. There are a variety of ways applications are delivered to end-users inside of businesses by leveraging endpoint management technologies such as Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. Rimo3 Cloud ensures that your users will have a great experience using their applications regardless of how you deliver them.


    Deploy and scale quickly in any Windows environment with Rimo3 Cloud.

    You have lots of applications to test and deploy. We have the platform to enable you to automate the process. Ensure applications will work in your operating system at any stage of your migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, running on Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop.


    Optimize your VDI environment with VMware and Rimo3 Cloud.

    Are you running an unsupported version of Windows (desktop or server) to deliver business-critical applications to your end-users? Are you paying for extended support that has been increasing on an annual basis? Rimo3 Cloud will integrate with any VMware environment to ensure an optimal application experience. By answering questions around application compatibility, functionality, and performance, you can deploy to your desired target operating system with confidence. Built for large scale testing, Rimo3 Cloud leverages automation to reduce the efforts significantly.


    Manage your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops experience with Rimo3 Cloud.

    Are you on an unsupported version of Windows (desktop or server) to deliver business-critical applications to your end-users? Are you on an older version of Citrix? Do you have to migrate to a modern environment? Application planning and testing at scale is a mandatory part of any migration project. The Rimo3 Cloud platform will integrate with any Citrix environment seamlessly to automate the testing of application performance, compatibility and functionality at scale so you can deploy without risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Rimo3 Cloud?

    Rimo3 Cloud is an application lifecycle management platform designed to help with the assessment, modernization, and management of application workloads for VDI, including WVD.

  • Where can I find more information about WVD?

    Watch this video from Microsoft Mechanics to gain a greater understanding of WVD and how it can meet your desktop virtualization needs.

  • How does Rimo3 help me move to the cloud?

    Rimo3 accelerates the adoption of application workloads in Azure by determining the suitability and modernizing them. It's through this automated process that we help drive WVD adoption at scale.

  • Can I test compatibility and performance?

    Yes. You can continue using Rimo3 Cloud’s intelligent testing technology to understand if your applications will work, install, and work well across your cloud-based workspace.

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