December, 2019

I have a confession. Sometimes things can seem a bit daunting, and if I don’t look into them, I can take some solace in blissful ignorance of the situation.

For years the great thinkers and philosophers have asked and debated the question of doing something or doing nothing. William Shakespeare asked, “to be or not to be,” Kylie Minogue argued, “better the devil you know.”

Maybe a modern-day Shakespeare would write his Danish protagonist, recently made CIO of the family business, in the throes of questioning “to update or not to update…” while Kylie in IT counters “better the OS you know.”

The truth is, in any given situation, there is merit in both updating and not updating. And indeed, when it comes to playing it safe, you will undoubtedly outlast those that try and fail (who soared too close to the sun). While the lucky few early birds get the proverbial worm, it is far more likely that the second mouse will get the cheese.

But what about the bird that did soar and survived? Who is not interested in just worms and has a keen eye on the mice?

Playing it safe may save you in the short term, but are you setting yourself up for failure in the future?

You can be blissfully ignorant for the next three years, but when extended support runs out in 2023, who will have to deal with all the challenges you are avoiding now? The answer is you!

And not only that, you’ll have a mountain to climb that has been undergoing a seismic change for the past three years. That change will not be to make your already old, legacy applications more compatible.

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