The Paradigm Shift


High Expectations

Never more has there been greater expectations to deliver a superior user experience. For every enterprise, this experience is made up of many important pieces. One big piece is a modern IT estate that will manage continuous change.

The new Windows 10 operating system compels organizations to continuously transform (at least annually). This ‘paradigm shift’ from traditional and manual projects (Windows 7) to proactive and innovative processes (Windows 10) requires a new operating model if organizations are to keep up.

Organizations often use a waterfall/project approach to manage change creating ‘deployment rings’ to insulate any negative effect from harming the wider business. This ‘fix on fail’ approach is rigid, slow and still pushes any negative impact of change directly to the users.

Rimo3’s innovative ACTIV™ platform allows organizations to ‘fix before fail’ through automation. It removes complexity, risk and cost, whilst reducing the time to value and allowing organizations to be more proactive in delivering peace of mind and optimizing the end user experience.


The Benefits

Most organizations recognize the many long-term advantages that the shift to managing continuous change (Windows 10 and the Evergreen model) will deliver:

  • Enhanced productivity and improved user experience as updates are more regular
  • Cost is now spread out, not a single big-bang migration cost
  • Fewer security risks as software is closer to the leading edge
  • Increased flexibility for when to implement updates
  • More structed cost planning


ACTIV™ In Action

Our ACTIV™ platform is created to deliver these benefits and to future proof the impact of change within organizations application landscapes. It is for enterprises needing to get started or accelerate their Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration and organizations who need to manage an Evergreen estate.

And it gets better.

Once the transition to Windows 10 is complete, by using ACTIV™ you will have embedded a modern framework for your organization to enable you to deliver an amazing end user experience every time.

So, are you ready to get started?

So, are you ready to
get started?

Our team are on standby ready to run you through a demo.

Our team are on standby ready to run
you through a demo.

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